Water Pumps in Melbourne

If you want to access and use the water collected in your rainwater tanks around your property, you may need a water tank pump that provides pressurised water flow to your taps. At Cheap Water Tanks, we proudly stock a range of quality solutions from Hyjet, including external and submersible pumps. These pumps feature an automatic pressure controller to start and stop on demand for your indoor plumbing, as well as run dry protection to prevent damage when the tank is empty.

Things to Consider

The most important thing to consider before buying a water pressure pump is what you want it to do. Most pumps can provide decent pressure for a hose, but a heavy duty model may be needed for your household supply. The following factors can help you find a suitable option for your needs:

  • Distance – The further away your tank is from your property, the more powerful the water tank pump will need to be to move water between the two.
  • Pressure – Water pressure, measured in litres per minute, determines what you can use the pump for. A low flow rate is suitable for toilets and washing machines, but showering and other demanding applications will require higher flow rates.
  • Noise – External free-standing pumps are noisy and need a cover to enclose and muffle them, while submersible pumps are installed inside the tank and are quieter, but aren’t as easy to access for maintenance.

From automatic pressure pumps and automatic multistage pumps through to submersible pumps and more, we’ve got you covered with a great range of water pumps in Melbourne to choose from.

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