Slimline Water Tanks

Slimline Water Tanks in Melbourne

Do you want to save thousands on your water bills and reduce your dependence on public waterways? At Cheap Water Tanks, we offer slimline water tanks in Melbourne that are perfect for residential and commercial properties with less space to spare. These tanks can be installed along the side of your building or under external stairs, providing a long term investment that will last for many years. Whether you want a tank for watering your garden and flushing toilets or collecting drinking water, we can help find the right tank for your needs.

Our Available Tank Sizes

We have no shortage of slimline rainwater tanks in a range of sizes and dimensions to suit your property and specific requirements. Our range includes:

  • 300 litres
  • 600 litres
  • 1000 litres
  • 1050 litres
  • 1250 litres
  • 1500 litres
  • 1510 litres
  • 1600 litres
  • 2000 litres
  • 2500 litres
  • 2510 litres
  • 3000 litres
  • 3010 litres
  • 3510 litres
  • 4000 litres
  • 5000 litres

All of our slimline water tanks are supplied with inlet strainers, 90mm overflow, and 25mm outlets. We also offer round water tanks and water pumps as well as builders packages that combine both a tank and a pump in one convenient package.

Why Use Slimline Rainwater Tanks?

Slimline poly water tanks have many domestic and commercial uses. Not only do they reduce mains water usage and provide alternative water for gardening and irrigation purposes, but they’re also effective at reducing local flooding by limiting stormwater run-off. Other reasons to use them include adding value to your property and improving sustainability.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

Make Cheap Water Tanks your first choice next time you want to buy slim water tanks in Melbourne. Visit our contact page to get in touch with us for more details and advice.

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