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Water Tank and Pump Packages

Rainwater tanks and water pumps can be costly, especially if you buy them separately. It can also be confusing and frustrating trying to pair a tank with the right pump. Fortunately, the team at Cheap Water Tanks is proud to offer water tank and pump packages that can make your life easier. We have no shortage of tank sizes available, ranging from as small as 1,000 litres to as large as 5,000 litres.

Less Stress, More Certainty

Our goal is to make purchasing a water tank and water pump less stressful by combining the two into a package and giving you a great deal. Buying a water tank builders package means you can be sure that the tank and pump will work together, giving you greater confidence and certainty. It also means less stress trying to find each separately and paying through the roof for them individually.

Applications & Uses

Our rainwater tank packages have multiple applications and uses. We stock options that are suitable for single storey and double storey buildings, with round tanks and slimline tanks available to suit the specific space you have. These can be used for toilets, laundries, gardening and other purposes. If you want advice on the best solution for your individual requirements, don’t hesitate to contact our team and we’ll do our best to help.

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